ENGAGE: Animal Welfare Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to building empathy among youth. Through experiential learning with companion animals, ENGAGE encourages youth to practice the values of respect, cooperation, compassion, responsibility, and civic engagement.

Drawing on research linking animal-assisted programs to the successful development of empathy and prosocial behaviour, ENGAGE empowers youth to participate in the creation of a more socially-conscious society – one that reflects our love for animals, and for each other.

What We Offer

ENGAGE offers an innovative on-site program comprised of four 2.5-hour interactive workshops tailored to different age groups. Each workshop features hands-on activities with carefully selected animals, meaningful group discussions, and creative animal-enrichment projects.

Who We Serve

ENGAGE works collaboratively with organizations such as schools and community groups to promote animal welfare and thereby improve not only the lives of animals but of the community as a whole.

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Our Team

Engaged Schools and Organizations


[Colleen et Emelie] nous ont expliqué comment se comporter devant les animaux et ce que nous devons éviter face à ces animaux. Elles nous ont informés de la problématique des chats errants à Montréal ainsi que de l’importance de stériliser ces animaux. De plus, nous avons l’opportunité de vivre de nombreuses activités et de socialiser avec les chatons cherchant un foyer.

Étudiants de la 6e année,
École Saint-Colette

La seule chose que je n’ai pas aimée c’était quand il fallait partir!

Guiliano, 4e année,
Académie John Caboto

Colleen and Emelie have developed a sound pedagogical and human approach to engaging young people in understanding the foundational issues around animal welfare. The personal and passionate commitment to the protection of animals modeled by the program has resulted in a strong engagement on the part of the students.

Danielle Delhaes, Coordinator, Community
Learning and Sustainability Programs,
St. Georges School of Montreal

All the interactive and hands-on activities [a]ffected me a lot. I felt included and I enjoyed every moment.

Jamie, Secondary V,
Pheonix Alternative High School..